Natalia Balaban. New steps in the implementation of the project of Digitization of the Bar Association of the Republic of Moldova

Interview with Natalia Balaban, lawyer, author of the project Digitization of the Bar Association of the Republic of Moldova

Hi Natalia, I have looked at our previous interviews. This interview it is the third about the development stages of your project in digitizing the activities of the Bar Association of the Republic of Moldova. The previous one was exactly one year ago, in May 2021.

Indeed, then, by the unanimous vote of the Council of the Bar Association of the Republic of Moldova, the project received full support for the implementation.

Remind me please, when we talk about digitizing the activities of the Bar Association, what aspects of its activities have been prioritized?

I will list the main ones: Organizing the electronic register of lawyers of the Republic of Moldova. Digitization of the online professional internship exam. Digitization of online qualification exams. Digitization of the General Assemblies of the Bar Association and sessions of the Council, as well on line sessions of the commissions, including the elections and online voting procedures. Also, a new modern webpage.

So, is this really a new, digital lawyer lifestyle?

Many of lawyer’s lifestyle aspects will be digitized. The same exam can now take place online, without human bias and with immediate results for those who take the test. The way the project was designed covers everything that can be done remotely. And it is not only time optimization, but we also contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing the use of paper and to the transparency of voting and other procedures, providing access to results where they are legally permitted.

What is the current state of the project implementation?

The negotiations are ongoing with the international partners. We have the board approval for the implementation, there is an international donor, as well a private company ready to provide us with the necessary software solutions. I have found an economic agent who is willing to offer the free Software solution, thus avoiding costs from the Bar Association budget.

You have the intellectual property rights on the project. Will you give the Bar Association the right to use the project?

I am open to grant the Union of Lawyers with the free rights to use the project. This is my personal contribution to the development of justice in the Republic of Moldova and its realization is worth two years of work on this project. I hope that Moldova will be one of the first countries to lead the trend towards the digitalization of the legal community and beyond. We have already distinguished ourselves among many countries by the gender composition of the country’s leadership – both the president and the prime minister are women. So, I will be happy to contribute to the formation of a new society, modern, honest, transparent, and digital.

How do your colleagues perceive the Digitization project?

With enthusiasm. First of all, I would like to thank, for the openness shown in dealing with the topic of interest, as well as promoting the transparency, honesty, accountability, professionalism and efficiency of the Union of Lawyers, the Bar Association and its members.

I am glad that we share the same view in closer cooperation between the parties which will lead to the promotion of common interests and objectives. We do hope for a long and beneficial collaboration for all parties involved.